In-home security 15 Himi

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smart lock4
”Goji FOBs”

If people want to use a smartlock, what should they do for their children who don’t have a smartphone? FOBs can respond to the question. Goji FOBs are small yet powerful, measuring just 70mm x 37mm and less than 11.5mm wide at the base.
They can hold an unlimited number of electronic keys allowing one FOB to open multiple Gojis easily. Users can give them to children who don’t own a modern smartphone. Users can activate or deactivate FOBs from the Goji mobile or web app just like their smartphone keys. Users can know when the FOB was used to access their home, and with picture alerts they will know who was using the FOB to enter.
Should a FOB be lost users can deactivate it immediately, no need to change or rekey their locks.iPhone$B$+$iAw?.(B