In-home security 22 営業支援課 氷見

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鍵の仕事に携わる人を、英語でlocksmithと言います。MLA(Master Locksmiths Association )という団体は、イギリスのlocksmithを代表し、認証する非営利組織です。MLAはイギリスのlocksmithを厳密な検査を経て認証し、MLAのホームページ上で、イギリス国内のlocksmithを検索できるサービスを提供しています。

MLAのホームページにはSecurity Adviceも掲載されています。その中に、一人暮らしをする大学生のための住居の防犯アドバイスがありました。一部、紹介します。


A person who works with locks and keys is called ”locksmith” in English. Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) is a not for profit trade association representing and approving Locksmiths in the United Kingdom. MLA approves locksmiths through vetting and inspection, and provide locksmiths locator in the United Kingdom on the website.

MLA also has security advice on the website. I introduce a part of the advice, ”Security Advice & Tips For Students In Accommodation”.

•Be sure to keep valuable items out of sight, away from doors or windows, and remember to lock rooms whenever they’re not in.
•Avoid the temptation to hide a key under the doormat or flower pot, criminals are very aware of the method, particularly in student areas and will often check in the first instance, giving them unrestricted access to students’ property and possessions.iPhone$B$+$iAw?.(B